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VCS produces over 70 various timetables, listings, reports, summaries, graphic prints, and statistics.
We have listed some here for your interest.
Internet output is produced using the simple (F)ile, (P)rint process.

The Visual Classroom Scheduler aims to assist in timesaving, resource management and effectiveness.
So a number of reports and features have been made available to allow automatic or instant improvements to effectiveness as we schedule.

In general, VCS reports and statistics are available:

  • Output direct to Printer, across to a networked printer, to a file for Word processing, or to HTML format file for Internet/Intranet display.
  • Sequenced by Room, Teaching staff, Module/Subject, or Class Group/Course or Daily.
  • Formats include: Timetable or Timetable Listing, $Costed Summaries, Our own View Report, Statistics and Spreadsheets.

Sample VSS output are as follows:
Hint: When printing these samples, use the "portrait" option.

Examples shown include a Class Timetable Listing, Class Timetable, Room View, Room Cost Summary and a Budget Spreadsheet.
Prints are available for each of the four VCS views, one each for Classes, Teachers, Rooms and Subjects / modules.
So you can print a class timetable for the students / notice board, a teacher timetable for each teacher, a room timetable for the room doors, and a subject timetable to facilitate subject / module swaps for students and teaching staff.
We cater for everyone....

Try the Direct to printer examples of timetables, listings, summaries screen views and budget spreadsheets shown here in MS-WORD ....

Try the Class Timetable example for the Internet....
Try the Class Timetable Listing example for the Internet....

For the Resource Manager .... or teaching staff trying to manage budgets and statistics...
(Note VCS does all the hard calculation work.... straight from your timetable!!)

Costed Room Summary

Costed Teacher Summary

Costed Subject Summary

Costed Class Summary

Statistics View

all in Ms-Word - or...

Want to have your own personalised logos and headers cut and pasted from your PC screen or the Internet?
Try Header and Logo instructions

Try VSS - You'll love it!!