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The Visual Scheduling System, VSS, is a very fast and powerful timetabling software system.

VSS was designed to optimise student access, on-line, and by cell phone, to reduce costs and manage resources in Colleges and Universities, Teaching Sections, Departments, High Schools and Campuses.

Virtual classgroups can be created,
so students can work from home!
with lecture days, times and dates,
with Topics, Faculty and instructions, on-line.

Try Click here for VSS sample Web-based Timetables
so students and teaching staff can see their timetables -
on a cell phone!!!
Just File, Print 'Web-HTML' files for your web-site.
Link to web course details and on-line enrolment!

Now you can 'Schedule Anything'.
Change the 'Room' label to 'Lecture' or 'Theatre, or
'Truck' or 'Court'. Change 'Teacher' to 'Driver' or
'Actor' or 'Players' - your choice of name!
Your choice of language or characters, eg Arabic, Chinese!

No individual program install needed.
Install once on your LAN server, and all PCs
can access the latest VSS system instantly!
Run VSS from a URL link to your LAN or via desktop icon.

VSS has relevant permissions so that Campus and Faculty
can appropriatley update their part of the schedule programme.
Other staff can view and print the programme only.
Students can view VSS programmes on-line or cell phone.

Your choice to manage and update VSS events centrally
or allow Faculties, Departments or Teaching Sections to manage their own part of the School, or Campus programme.

A 3-D java program born out of Airline scheduling, VSS required two years in conceptual development to overcome significant tactical issues and deliver a radical, and simplified approach to visual scheduling.

A LAN, 'Cloud' or PC/MAC based system, VSS is timesaving, easy-to-use and understand. Staff and students get their timetables on their cell phones!

CEOs, Faculty Managers and Teaching staff can easily see opportunities to optimise and make educational or resource management decisions on screen!   

VSS is the best! Free Demo!!

If you schedule or timetable more than 3-5 teaching staff in a department, or have a tighter budget and more students, or manage 3000 teaching staff across Campuses -
you need VSS!

The Visual Scheduling System can deliver more students in less facilities at lower cost!
The 3-D design is so much faster and easier to use, you can see what to do with a click-drag-and-drop!

VSS automatically, helps clients move on from timetabling
promoting resource management and then opportunities!

Timetable your Department/Campus program in 2-3 hours!
or roll-over last semester/year and update. Too easy!

Then Manage Resources, and Optimise your timetable program on-screen, in 30 minutes!

Mid-semester, (or anytime), come back to the VSS scheduler to think about new Opportunities within your Campus Resources. Could you now free up whole floors and move a Faculty to an existing (better) building. Do you now need to replace all those computer rooms? Could some rooms or even whole campuses be released or leased or refurbished for another purpose?

How can you do this?
Try clicking, dragging and dropping to optimise 'best' room usage, bring staff and classes back to rooms near the staff room. Swap subjects to give class groups a 'day off' a week, reducing carpark/campus conjestion.
Drag-and-drop & swap to allocate your best teaching choices. Balance the teacher's programs and maximise best room usage. Drag events to fill up and free up rooms and floors.
Expect Room usage to increase to around 40 hours per week.
Divide teaching hours by 40 and compare to room numbers.

Note that dragging and dropping vertically with VSS, does not cause a clash for other resources!
The time does not change, the day does not change, so dragging a class vertically from one room to another does not cause a Teacher or Class group clash! Dragging a class vertically from one Teacher to another, does not cause a room clash or a classgroup clash... VSS totals at the right side of the screen are updated immediately. So drag-and-drop and swap, to balance teaching programs and hours. Check class total hours vs curriculum plans, click View, Statistics, to see total hours and costs for the whole Department or Campus.

Department programs can be merged together in minutes!
or create Campus programs and export Department programs.
VSS is multi-user, multi-Faculty/Department/Section
Set permissions allow approved staff to make updates
Why not allow all staff to access VSS changes instantly!
Use the Campus program - and view/print only your department!
Create HTML timetables for your web-site,
by simply clicking File, Print, Timetables, Web-HTML
Students & staff can get VSS TT on their cell phones!
Use Ms-Word or Excel etc to open, change TT print details

"Tighter budget, More students?"
Email us
for information on How to Save with VCS!
Call us on +61 414 792 703 / 0414 792 703

Attach your timetable spreadsheet file and we'll send back your example VCS file - try before you buy!

Click here to try the new 'Cloud' based option!
Runs VCS from your LAN or Internet server!
Install one copy on your Campus server.
All staff can browse and print VSS timetables!
See opportunities in rooms across the campus.
Install on your web-server and use from home,
or the coffee shop, or on the train.
VSS data files can be saved/read from the 'Cloud' too.
Update once and everyone gets the latest schedule!
Do-it-yourself using Google Drive - (it's free!)

Use Windows 8 'touch' facilities.
Touch, drag and drop classes between rooms/teachers
Touch to see class details, update and print.
Touch the [Today] button to see Today's timetable on screen
See who's in and answer student queries, find spare rooms
Too easy!

Click here for a short VSS Video presentation showing the schedule calendar, program updating and reporting.

Click here for exciting news on the new High School and US College timetable software features

Download the new free demo VCS Timetable Software Release NOW - Free!!!

Click here for latest NSW TAFE College release news with new Teaching award and Windows 8, and 64 bit computing

Click here for VSS Data Entry Services to get your old timetable up and going fast!

Click here for VSS sample Web-based Timetables so students and teaching staff can see their timetables - on a cell phone!!!
Just File, Print 'Web-HTML' files for your web-site.
Link to web course details and on-line enrolment!

Capacity increased to over 3000 schedules per week to suit the largest College and University timetable. Complies with latest Microsoft security patches.

Try VCS - You'll love it!!

Timetabler and Schedule staff

VCS is a unique 3-D timetable scheduling system not just a data collection or reporting system.
The integrated 3-D views or screens simplify management of Course groups, Teaching staff and Rooming.

Simply drag-and-drop classes on screen, to better manage staff or rooms to suit budgets and preferences.
You can visually optimise staff or rooming separately while VCS integrates behind the screen.
You know you are always in control with VCS and always improving your timetable schedule!
It helps you design the best timetable schedule on screen as you go, and allows swaps and fine tuning on the fly.
VCS accepts simple teaching salaries and room and subject costs to produce amazing cost information summaries.

VCS has a radical 3-D design that visually simplifies the complex and multi-dimensional timetabling problem.
The design concepts are brilliantly integrated, and clearly presented, so Class groups, Rooms and Teaching staff can be managed individually - to obtain the best result without compromising.

Clashes can be resolved without effort, and preferences of staff and students actioned easily.
Just drag-and-drop to resolve or swap!

Make an 80% saving in timetable time and effort over other methods and a 100% saving in frustration.
Produce a with a far better timetable result for staff, students and Campus management.

Campus Managers

VCS Campus timetable systems make big savings fast, as swaps can be easily made to optimise the schedule to achieve your plans. Be up and running in a couple of days!

Room resource usage improves immediately up to 20% or more, and the best computer facilities become better utilised and the worst can be disposed of saving upgrade costs. Save $$100,000s.

You too , can visually see opportunities to timetable additional class groups in existing rooms
Point to the screen & say Why can't we do this?
Your staff will sort out rooming issues between themselves.

Too easy!

Class group costs can be compared to allow for more informed educational decisions and then prompt to timetable more groups at similar cost.
Requests for additional rooms can be easily met.
College, School or University teaching budget and student targets are more readily achieved.
Timetable details can be posted on the internet.
Campus Timetables can be shared from the 'Cloud'

Install VSS on your LAN and everyone can use it.
Type the link into a browser or desktop shortcut.
Save data files to the LAN, Internet server or Google Drive - fast.

VSS now has 'Campus Scheduling' for Faculties
Faculties see their rooms at the top of screen'
Faculties see their teachers at the top of screen'
Faculties see their classes at the top of screen'
Faculties print their own timetables and statistics.
Everyone's on the same 'Campus' page, and
Faculties can manage their classes easily!

VSS Services can oversee and help manage your timetabling and scheduling and resource management to maximise returns and meet teaching budget and targets.

Please call or email for further information.
Please send your comments and details to obtain pricing information to suit your Department, School, College, Institute or University to:
VCS Customer Service

Download the latest free demo VSS Windows system to fully evaluate VSS timetable software and timetabling solutions at your site!

Download the free VCS User Manual!

© 1994-2022 Visual Scheduling Systems.
All Rights Reserved
Please send comments or suggestions for Web-site improvements or needed products and services to: Web Master at VSS.

Latest VCS Timetable Software Developments

Hello and Welcome!
Now VSS introduces...

V6.2 University, High School and US Colleges
V6.2 Australian TAFE Colleges and High Schools

This Semester:

VSS V6.2 Campus Multi-user Scheduling 'Campus Multi-user Scheduling' allows
Universities, High Schools & Colleges to
run VSS centrally or allow
Faculties, Departments Teaching Sections to
create and/or update their part of the programme, on the central Campus, School or College system. Permissions and Faculty/Department group controls updates.

Leverages on the VSS Campus Scheduling Release, where Faculties/Departments see their Events, Teaching and Rooming on the top of the VSS screens all the time, and see Rooming opportunites all over the Campus, in the room rows below.

V6.2 screens easily show where all the scheduled class-groups and teaching staff are right now.
Changes can be updated instantly and shown and shared everywhere. Exciting!


VSS V5.5 Schedule Event Comments
'Schedule Event Comments' allows clients to include their 'comments' on each schedue event, and see these on screen, and in Listing Prints and HTML timetables for your web-site and mobile phones.

VSS V5.4 Schedule Anything
'VSS Schedule Anything' allows clients to change the scheduled resources to the names they are familiar with. So..
Click the Room Name column title on screen &
type your 'Lecture' 'Theatre' or 'Group' name
Click the Teacher Name column title on screen
and type your name eg 'Guru' or 'Driver' or
'Surgeon' or 'Dozent' or 'Captain'
Click the Class name and change to 'Team' or
'Qualification' or '?? ?? ??'
Use Arabic, Chinese, Japanese characters.
If you like the idea, let us know and we'll
introduce more language changes into VSS!
Too Easy!

VSS V5.3 Instant VSS Download
'VSS Instant download', allows clients
to click on a hyperlink and run VSS.
No install required.
To run VSS instantly...
Click the link to Run VSS instantly
VSS will run from your LAN or web-site!
No 'Program Files' installation.
Run VSS from the desktop icons, [Start] menu, or URL.
Install once on your LAN server, and everyone
can access the latest VSS system instantly!
Students, Teachers, Management, Support.

VSS V5.2 Lecturer TimeSheets
Designed for a large institution that needed
to manage their teaching resources across
remote areas. Interesting, this also helped
manage teaching timesheets at home, as
VSS visually reveals shortcomings,
duplications and overlaps. mmm

A new [Edit][Add Leave etc] menu item,
requests name and selection of
'Absent', 'Leave', 'Travel' 'PD' etc and
Start and End Times and Dates
Too Easy!

These events are only shown in
'Lecturer' view, in the weeks entered.
A new 'Time Sheet' print is included,
along with an HTML print that can be
annotated/signed by staff and supervisor

Opens up a whole new management area..
Matching timetables with Time Sheets!
Note that selecting 'Absent' creates
a new event to be allocated to maybe,
another available staff member...

VSS V5.2 Short Names
Introducing 'VSS Short Names' for all resources. Allows short course and subject names to be shown where space is tight. Rooms and Teachers too.
So on smaller columns on screen or reports, see the 'short' name. and where space is available, see the longer names.
Just click the left screen column name and
type your 'short' name and click [OK].
Too easy!


Significant new VSS V5.1 version.
Designed for 2016 scheduling!
V5.1 supports Multiple Resource Scheduling!
VCS 5.1 suports multiple Teachers per event.. & multiple rooms, classes, subjects.

Designed to support conferencing clients with multiple presenters and break-out rooms.
VCS 5.1 also plugs that gap in Teaching programs where several teachers are needed or multiple lab/lecture or facilities are used.
Please advise if you need VSS urgently!

VSS V5.1 Multiple Resource Scheduling!
Packed with new features for 2016!
Major Institutions and College sections are already updating.
Multiple Resource Scheduling allows
Universities, Colleges and Schools, using
VSS, to schedule more than one Room, Teacher, or Class per event.
So click [+] to program 2 or 3 teachers, 5 or 6 classes in a large lecture room.
Or one Lecturer and 7 class groups - any number of combinations.
Quickly resolve clashes in Rooms or Teaching staff with drag-and-drop.
Use [Right-click] on an event to quickly add or delete a multiple resource item.
In V5.1, model capacity increases allow Departments to schedule for the whole year
Enter dates for start and end of year and
nominate the semester breaks to schedule one event for the whole year.
Or enter semester one events and different semester 2 events.
VSS will calculate teaching hours and teaching costs...

V4.5 Daily Scheduling Release
New 'Daily scheduling' features promote
use of VCS everyday!
Click on the new [Today] button,
to see a 'Daily' List of who is due in Today!
From early till late, every class,
every teacher, every room used. mmm

Handy for department heads managing staff.
Handy for clerical and help desk staff.
Handy for anyone needing a quick room!

One click and details are at your finger-tips
Click print to keep all Today's details handy.

Only shows events scheduled today,
Not same day last week, or next week....
Doesn't take you away from other VCS work

Use other 'Daily' VCS features like:

Over a VCS class,
Press 'S' to split your multi-week schedule.
Leave the past schedule behind and
update the room, teacher etc ongoing..
Press 'T' to triple split
the semester schedule on this day.
Update today's schedule room, teacher etc
Leave the past & future schedule as it was.
In Teacher view, Press 'A' for 'absent'.
VCS automatically creates an 'absent' event.
Print a 'Teacher' list for the week to
see all teaching allocations and absences.

Daily Timetable Print
Shows schedules each day in time sequence.
Good for managing a Department or Campus.
Shows Teaching staff due in now!
If not here, call them / find replacements.
Shows classes running now and soon..
answer student queries easily..
Shows rooms in use now and soon..
Find a room quickly and easily.
Nice one!

V4.4 Campus Scheduling Release

VCS now runs off your PC, or Campus LAN Server or the 'Cloud' on your web-site!

VCS now runs off your PC, or Campus LAN Server or the 'Cloud' on your web-site!

No PC software install is needed.
Click on 'VisualScheduling.jar' on your LAN,
Email or msg a URL link with a PC short-cut!
Why not include the VSS icon on the standard Campus desktop install/refresh!

VCS loads in a second - no worries.
Everyone uses the same, latest VCS.
VCS data files can be saved to the PC or LAN
or Internet server or Google Drive.

Staff use VCS Viewers to see/print TT
Students get HTML TT on cell phones!

Macs run VCS from Campus LANs or web
Allows simple install in one Campus folder,
for all staff.

The new [View], [One Faculty 1st] menu item shows all activities for the selected Faculty/Dept on the top of the screen!

Faculties see rooms they are using 1st.
Faculty Teaching staff - on top of screen.
Faculty Classes too - at the top of screen...

See Campus wide opportunites,
but your Faculty 1st!
Drag and drop classes to better facilities, or
underutilised staff - save $$$100,000s..

See Faculty activities across the Campus
Drag-and-drop activities back to local rooms!

Departments can view and print their own
timetables, summaries, statistics and
Internet timetables from the Campus file.

Management and staff see available rooms across the Campus.
Room by Room utilisation and costs.
Group by group enrolled and costs/fees.
Teacher by teacher utilisation and costs

Makes VCS Campus Scheduling easy-to-use!
Ideal for small Campuses and Colleges
Perfect for huge Campuses and Colleges!
Nice one!


Release V4.3 VSS Internet timetables. allows Students and staff to see their latest timetable on their cell/mobile phones!
Update them any week - or every week!
So convenient.
Timetable links are there for Classes, Teaching staff, Room and Subject timetables.

Easy to use!
Just File, Print and
select [Web HTML Files] instead of [Print]
Update/annotate with MS-Word or Excel etc

Your scheduling details are HTML formatted
ready to save to your Web-server or
Google Drive - (it's free!)
Add your own Internet banner for the top,
cut from your web-site maybe.
Or send to VSS, and we'll save them to ours.
VCS Customer Service

Release V4.3 Multi-week Scheduling
is an exciting new feature allowing clients to schedule classes every 2nd, 3rd, 4th or up to 26th weekly!
Simply select 'Weekly', '2 Weekly' etc from
the [Edit], [Add] drop-down list.
Mix 'Weekly' with '2 Weekly' or any 'x Weekly' classes
Class events will be totalled for the hours used. Teaching hours too.
On-screen, events will only be shown on the weeks scheduled.
Timetable prints, HTML will show '2W' or '4W'.

V4.3 also implements new 'Edit Settings' calendars and options.
Lots more Help on mouse-overs
Updated and improved Import and Export features.
Think you'll like these!

The Visual Classroom Scheduler,
supports Windows 10 in 32 or 64 bits.

The latest VSS system has a
semester 'Rollover' feature to update
all current events to the next semester.
Just change the semester date settings and
VSS will offer to rollover all existing events.

Old event semester start and end dates
will become new semester start/end dates.
Old events with shorter durations will be
re-started on that semester week.
Update/add/delete events for the new
semester, and save to a new filename.

Too easy!

The VSS screen has a lot more clarity, with dates and times and semester weeks.
VSS menus and options and help has been upgraded to make it easier.
VSS settings have been updated with simpler calendar icons and selections.
The Timetable report has been re-written to graphically show all small and large classes neatly.
The Timetable Listing report has been upgraded to show dates and times.
The Timetable HTML files look great on your web-site! Links to enrolment requests.
VSS can now Import a variety of data formats and options.
VSS has introduced a new data entry service to upload your existing/ proposed timetable from spreadsheets or MS-Word etc. VSS will also create timetables from scratch - Click here for VSS Data Entry Services


VSS AUSTAFE Tea Break Sponsor

Addressing TAFE delegates from all over Australia was a good experience and opportunity to show case the Visual Scheduling System.
Lot of interest was generated and looking forward
to meeting and working wth new clients.

The new release Visual Scheduling System V4.1 is on the web-site for down-load!

Detects / installs a 32 or 64 bit Windows VSS.
Great for High Schools and USA Colleges.
Imports existing campus data for VSS display.
Reduces time to TT to a week or less - fast!

Looking to purchase a Verisign SSL certficate.
To give potential clients a bit more confidence.
been doing business on the web for 20 years,
so.. shouldn't have too many issues there eh!

One of the staff has a new baby daughter.
Imogen Ann is very cute!

Just finished updates to the Schedule Settings for Term Breaks and Public Holidays.
Much easier to use with more options!

Also updates to the VSS timetable import.
Great to see your existing timetable data visually!

Use the VSS, to File, Import, your timetable data
VSS will clearly display clashes and opportunities.
See spare class rooms and use them easily.
You can 'what-if' and drag-and-drop your classes!

Imports a variety of spreadsheet timetable data
Best to have details like Room, Subject, Teacher
but it no longer matters - VSS just makes defaults. and substitutes missing data like days and times
Also handles multiple activity days, 1-3 Mon-Fri etc.

Made some posts on VCS V3.5 News Community College Week blog
Colleges frustrated with lack of funds and access
Scheduling can help here - big time.

Walk around any College and you'll find empty rooms.
Up to 30% of empty class rooms in our surveys.
and check the number of students in occupied rooms.
Up to 50% available seats even in high demand courses.
and mid-term attrition wastes the budget big time!
Students lose out here too - time and money.

Visual scheduling help utilise 20% more rooms.
VSS click, drag-and-drop enables simple 3-D swaps
Swap rooms, class groups or teaching staff easily.
Utilise 20% more rooms each week.
Swap subjects times so groups have fewer days each week

Reduces pressure on facilities, parking etc
Gives students a day of for part-time work
or just save them petrol and travelling time.

VSS helps reduce attrition before and after enrolment.
More later on this - or write for information
or see the blog on Community College Week

Calls from VSS timetabling and scheduling software clients are picking up too!
Lots of calls and last minute VSS orders from Colleges and Universities across the country.

One of the largest Colleges has ordered again for another large number of teaching sections.
Looking forward to supporting their VSS timetabling implementations and doing some VSS training.
Training is always a bit of fun, as we have lots of goodies to show!

Visual Classroom Scheduler V3.6 for Universities and Colleges has been released.
Significant new features warranted a full scheduling system version upgrade..
Clients have already received the new VSS V3.6 and comments are very pleasing.


VCS presented at the AUSTAFE Conference in Sydney, Australia
TAFE Institute and College directors and CEOs from all over Australia see the potential and have scheduled further briefings and demonstrations.

The VCS High School system is under Australian trials and looks very exciting. It was a surprise to see how fast the larger (1000+ student) high school schedules were created.

Swapping classes on screen made it surpisingly easy to pack students into rooming.
Because we were scheduling multiple "Maths" or "English" and "Science" subjects, there was far more flexibility in rooming and teacher allocations than expected.
More on this later - but we are looking at a few days to enter all the classes, and about an hour or two to allocate, drag-and-drop, and optimise the teachers and rooming.

US Colleges are purchasing VSS and we have ongoing interest from USA and Australian High School Timetabling.

Faculties in Sydney have ordered VCS, along with individual Teaching sections.

The new VSS optionally covers the new NSW TAFE Teaching Awards.

Development has extended the schedule date features.
Allows timetables that extend over long periods (years).


Upgrade NSW TAFE Part-time Teacher Award
See VCS V3.5 News for all the details!

Updated the VCS web-site also.
Try the VCS News for how to update salaries and course costs.

More interest from US Colleges - another buyer.
Old established College in Mid-west.
Looking forward to working with them - maybe visit!

Completed tender for State Government. Potential!!
Interesting approach - they are looking for new ideas..
Suits VCS to a tee!
Would like to see them looking for educational savings.
Especially when VCS helps students make better choices.

Previously again

K-12 is a market we have been able to service but not
advertised effectively. Trying harder now.
Some of our web-site partners have been promoting V4.
Had some enquiries already from K-12, School and College timetable staff
K-12 is interesting and we'd really like to do well there.

Timetable software takes a little while to evaluate.
Fortunately VSS is easy to understand off the bat.
Just needs the download and a review of the demos
Just mouse-over the on-screen display and menu items.

Put up some more VCS demo files.
Demos for College, University and NSW clients.
Need a K-12 demo - need a sample from someone.
Would only take a short while to put one up in VCS.

The new Tool Tip Text is really cute!
Use the mouse on a menu and better information appears.
I'm sure this will encourage clients to use more features.
Using more features will save more time - and funds!
We're hoping for feedback from timetable staff on these.
We can easily improve or add more mouse-over text.

Added some more tool tip text on dialog boxes also.
Needs more work here = there are a lot to review.

Prepared new and upgraded V4.0 documentation including:
"How to Save with VCS" that shows the many advantages of the VCS V4.0 scheduling approach.
Differences of scheduling vs timetabling are briefly explained but basically, it comes down to preparation vs a scramble to organise students into classes.
VCS can organise and re-organise so fast that preparation of course groups in advance of enrolment is not only possible but that's where the savings and benefits are for everyone.

The VCS Campus Scheduling Procedures got an update too.
Integrates with V4.0 and fine tunes some htmects in semester timings. It's now up on the web-site.

Been promoting the latest V4.0 software release with Web-site updates and seeking out College University and High School software download sites.
Means we compete with other timetable and schedule software but that's OK. At least potential clients get the chance to evaluate our free demo software and see the VCS advantages.

Our existing clients in the US are keen to get the V4.0 timetable print changes with the flexibility to print shorter classes + later evening classes.

The VCS ability to give students a day off a week is generating interest and so is the
ability to give faculty staff a day off a week.

Giving staff a day off a week is a new concept in some countries and schools. Some teaching staff work 5 days of 6 hours with 19 hours on class, when they could do 4 x 7.5 hour days and have a long weekend off every week - or
a Wednesday golf / yoga/ shopping / childcare day etc.

VCS sales will need some creative approaches to "flick" the opportunity/reality switch and
galvanise grass roots teacher support for this.
Better for teaching staff, students, congestion and parking.

Working with college timetable staff - scheduling experts, and local High School timetable teams.

Local High School timetable season is well underway and US College timetabling too.
Working with actual timetabling staff provides excellent feedback.
Looking forward to new clients and sharing the fun!

Next week we have some more interesting developments -
I'll keep you posted.

Click the image above to view an expanded shot of the Visual Scheduling System.

Download the new demo VCS Timetable Software Release NOW - Free!!!

Click here for a short VSS Video presentation!!!


Download the VCS User Manual in Adobe PDF format! (3Mb)

Download the VCS User Manual in Adobe PDF format zipped! (2Mb)

Download the VCS Booking Sheet in MS-Excel!
Fill in the details ready for import direct into VSS no extra keying! Send the Booking Sheet.xls to us and we will return a VSS data file for your demo! Or use File Import and do it yourself.

Or - Send your schedule details to us in a spreadsheet, CSV or tab-delimited text format and we will upload it into VCS for you. Your downloaded VCS demo will reveal all - clashes, resource usage and opportunities, statistics.

Free full-screen video conversations with VSS Customer Service and Training staff are available using free Skype or Ms-Messenger software. Get on-line or email VCS Customer Service for details or appointments.