The Visual Scheduling System is such an easy system to use that most of our customers have not taken advantage of the training materials available below!

The first Introductory Level is normally offered with free with Site Licence pricing with other levels priced for local presentation by your staff.

The Training materials are designed in a prescriptive manner (read to the class) to be presented by a trainer with little experience of VSS.

The following list of levels outlines the training available for a wide variety of people from those who are just starting out with the Visual Scheduling System, to those who have worked extensively with VSS and will be using it to train other staff on how to use it.

Prices quoted include all necessary materials and handouts, diskettes and sample certificates for course completion. VSS staff will provide training as requested with prices on application


The introductory overview level pack provides details of a hands-on-session covering most functions of the Visual Classroom Scheduler, creating sample timetables and how to use it for planning and reviewing resource usage, or answering enquiries on timetable details and printing off listings. Suitable for new VSS users.


The intermediate level training pack is for those about to commence serious VSS time tabling and who are aware of basic features, navigation and product potential. Creating your own timetable will be a key feature, with tips, tricks and advice on how to save time, use resource names that will reduce effort and how to meet teacher and student preferences.


The Advanced level of training is particularly suited to staff who successfully used the VSS before and who now wish to take full advantage of resource optimization, statistics, cost savings, potential for improved staff and student satisfaction and consolidation across teaching sections.


This level of training provides details on usage of consolidated VSS section timetables at College/Campus, Institute and Corporate levels. Resource naming conventions, Groups, Sub groups, Types and Sub types are explained along with an implementation approach to achieving management goals. This level also contains elements of levels 2 and 3 is suitable for management staff.


This training course provides a structure for potential VSS trainers at local Institutes, Colleges or Campuses. Topics include setting up VSS for training, conducting hands on exercises, troubleshooting, and making the best use of the VSS materials such as manuals, quick reference guides, menu maps, and on-line help. Answers are provided for commonly asked questions, along with training hints and tips. This course provides training materials, handouts and overheads for all VSS training levels, and licences to reproduce training materials as required for the trainers use.

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