VCS Recommended 3 Step Method

Using the VCS "FastEntry" method is the best way to set up your schedule.
This creates Room and Teacher names first and cuts out typing - when you need to be thinking.

Step 1 Set-up of Rooms and Teaching Staff - takes about 5 minutes.

Two methods are available - type them into FastEntry or create Masterfiles from spreadsheets:

To type them into FastEntry - From the VCS menu...
Select (E)dit, (F)astEntry and quickly enter names for Rooms and Teaching staff.
Select "Rooms" and type in Room details e.g. G1.13 Lecture .
Press [OK&New] – your room name is stored for quick recall without typos.
It's fast and easy to repeat all room name entries.

Now make the [Teacher] selection from the "FastEntry" screen and type in your
Teaching names e.g. WATSON, IAN and repeat until finished.
Do the same with some subjects and classes if you wish.
Click on [Close] and the names entered will automatically appear down the left of the screen.

To use spreadsheets to create your "Masterfiles" instead of FastEntry see...Masterfile-Setup.

Step 2
Adding classes - adds 1 or 2 classes per minute

From the main menu, select (E)dit (A)dd and update details for each class activity.
Room, Teacher, Subject and Class names can be typed in, or selected from drop down lists.
The drop down lists are created from the FastEntry method + any name typed in later.
The [mf] button reveals masterfile spreadsheet details from text files such as c:\vss\room.txt
Select or type the names for this activity and then choose a start / finish time and day of the week.
Select weekly, 2-weekly, 4-weekly activities etc.

Select a week start and finish from the drop-down list.
Start and end dates are defaulted to those set up in Edit, Settings.
Term breaks can be set up there too, so these don't count in class hours.
If the dates are wrong, click [Cancel] and then [Edit] [Settings]

Click [OK] once to add and show the scheduled event.
Note ....
VCS redisplays all the details immediately to make the next entry easy.
So alter one or two details for the next activity and click [OK] - easy.
To stop making entries, click on [Cancel].

Step 3 Fixing clashes takes only 10 minutes – hooray!!

We can now fix clashes easily, and optimise Room usage and Teaching staff.
This is where VCS shines!! VCS is a powerful planner - not a simple schedule recorder....

Select (V)iew and Rooms to check for room clashes in ‘sunken cells’.
Click and hold onto clashed activities, then drag and drop them to another row.
Note that a vertical drag will not cause clashes in other views - no domino effect.
Swap other activities between rows to improve allocations, make ‘home’ rooms etc

Select (V)iew and (T)eachers to check for teacher clashes in ‘sunken cells’.! Now fix them!
Select (V)iew and (C)lasses to check for class clashes in ‘sunken cells’.! Fix them!
If you must change start time or day, you should then check and fix clashes in other views.
Hint to change start time quickly, position the mouse over the activity and press 9 for 9 am etc.

Select (F)ile, (P)rint to preview timetables and listings, costed summaries and graphic prints.
Select (F)ile, Save(A)s to save your work to a new file name.

Good Luck!!