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V3.4 Release

V3.4 Planning Year Release Features and Settings

The V3.4 Planning Year Release contains a number of new features with a focus on allowing pre-planning for next year and improvements to the Listing Prints.

Other features included:

  • Improvements to the Listing Reports
  • Improvements to HTML output files,
  • Short-cuts in the "Add schedule" and "Timespan" functions
  • Redesign of the Daily Listings
  • Saving of planning year for re-display next time

    Planning Year

    Select Edit, Settings from the main menu.
    The Planning Year display will show the current year initially.
    If the planning year is reset to next year, 2007, the calendar and dates will use that year.
    The planning year will be displayed in the "RollBook" panel top right of the VCS screen
    When the VSS file is saved to disk, the planning year will be saved too.
    This allows VCS to be used for planning next year's schedules.

    Calendar Start Week and Semester Start Week etc settings will need to be set as usual.
    click [Set Week] or type the week number into the box.
    Each time you add a new activity to the schedule this week number will be defaulted.

    Default End Semester Week Number
    As for Starting Week number above - the Semester Finish Week will then be defaulted.

    Type the number for the last logical week of semester eg 18 or 26 etc.
    This saves typing the same week numbers over and over when adding classes.

    Default Starting Calendar Week Number
    Sometimes the 1st week of the year does not start on a Monday so VCS needs to know what date to designate as Calendar week 1 for this year. Select Edit, Settings and click on the calendar icon next to this prompt. Click on any day of the week and click set week.

    Choose the starting week for the year from the calendar icon and
    click [Set Week] to align VCS week numbers with your local calendar.

    Term Breaks
    Input start and end calendar weeks of the term breaks.
    VCS will then not show or count, normal semester class activities in these weeks.
    This means you can safely specify an activity with a semester start week and semester end week.
    VCS will automatically ignore set weeks for VCS term breaks and public holidays.
    If you wish to schedule activities in those break numbers however, eg Summer school, your simply commence or finish activities in using that week number to have activities shown and counted.

    Public Holidays
    Input calendar week number and day when holiday occurs )|(Monday = 1). Activities will not be shown or counted there unless scheduled using that week and day number.

    Display and Print Options

  • O - Show Calendar Week (Wk # on display and prints)
  • O - Show Semester Week (Good for schedulers)
  • O - Show Date display (Best - date + semester week # )

    Improvements to the Listing Reports
    More information was able to be included on the Listing reports by changing fonts
    Extra characters can be printed for teacher names, room names, subjects and classes
    Typically 17 characters can now be displayed.
    Sub Headings now appear on each new page for overflowing names.
    Where possible a new page is started to prevent overflows in names with < 10 entries.
    Issues with single week prints and multi clashed events have been resolved.

    Improvements to HTML output files
    More information was able to be included on the HTML reports without AM/PM data
    Extra characters can be printed for teacher names, room names, subjects and classes
    Typically 17 characters can now be displayed.
    Headings were re-aligned, and AM/PM columns reduced

    Short-cuts in the "Add schedule" and "Timespan" functions
    These are simple time-saver improvements.
    Frequently used minutes such 15, 30, 45 are shown at the top of selections.

    Redesign of the Daily Listings
    Daily Listings are targeted at:
    1. Senior Teaching staff reviewing arrival of teaching staff for classes during the day
    2. Administration staff answering student queries at counters
    The Daily Listing columns were re-arranged to suit.
    Start and finish time columns are now first and the teacher name column is second.
    Fonts were increased and headings reformatted.

    How to get the very latest VCS...

    The very latest VCS program is available at the click of a mouse.
    New clients and existing clients with a "VCS maintenance agreement" will receive automatic advice of new upgrades, improvements and enhancements.
    VCS Systems can be upgraded in less than a minute by clicking on the "Upgrade Link" provided in the email.
    Emails can be expected every 3-6 months on minor improvements to existing functionality with major version enhancements every 12-18 months.

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