V3.3 Calendar Release Features and Settings

The V3.3 Calendar Release contained a number of new features with a focus on calendar dates to match and complement VCS use of weeks numbers useful for scheduling.

Other features included:

  • On screen access to Masterfiles,
  • Text Balloons to reveal details of activities under the mouse
  • Left alignment of Resource names
  • Saving of View Span Settings for re-display next time
  • Change of Group Type numbers to a more meaningful text prompt
  • Improvements to Timetable listings and prints.
  • Support for startup from MS Filemanager / Explorer

    Calendar Setup - Select Edit, Settings from the main menu.

    Default Starting Semester Week Number
    Click on the calendar icon and choose a starting week for classes from the calendar and
    then click [Set Week] or type the week number into the box.
    Each time you add a new activity to the schedule this week number will be defaulted.

    Default End Semester Week Number
    As for Starting Week number above - the Semester Finish Week will then be defaulted.

    Type the number for the last logical week of semester eg 18 or 26 etc.
    This saves typing the same week numbers over and over when adding classes.

    Default Starting Calendar Week Number
    Sometimes the 1st week of the year does not start on a Monday so VSC neds to know what date to designate as Calendar week 1 for this year. Select Edit, Settings and click on the calendar icon next to this prompt. Click on any day of the week and click set week.

    Choose the starting week for the year from the calendar icon and
    click [Set Week] to align VCS week numbers with your local calendar.

    Term Breaks
    Input start and end calendar weeks of the term breaks.
    VCS will then not show or count, normal semester class activities in these weeks.
    This means you can safely specify an activity with a semester start week and semester end week.
    VCS will automatically ignore set weeks for VCS term breaks and public holidays.
    If you wish to schedule activities in those break numbers however, eg Summer school, your simply commence or finish activities in using that week number to have activities shown and counted.

    Public Holidays
    Input calendar week number and day when holiday occurs )|(Monday = 1). Activities will not be shown or counted there unless scheduled using that week and day number.

    Display and Print Options

  • O - Show Calendar Week (Wk # on display and prints)
  • O - Show Semester Week (Good for schedulers)
  • O - Show Date display (Best - date + semester week # )

    On screen access to Masterfiles,
    To check out this feature - select View Masterfiles from the main menu.
    A dialog box will display masterfile details in a tabular form
    Select any item for inclusion in your VCS file by double clicking on the line.
    Use the buttons to change to Room, Class, subject or Teaching masterfile details.
    These masterfile details are stored in your C:\VSS directory and can be updated with a spreadsheet. See Masterfile set-up instructions to create your own lists of Course Groups, Subjects, Room Details, Instructors and teaching Staff. Use MS-Excel or your favourite spreadsheet program.

    Text Balloons reveal details of activities under the mouse
    To see this feature, place the mouse pointer over one of the colored activities on screen. Details of this activity will be displayed in a text box and in the "Zoom Boxes" below.

    Left alignment of Resource names
    On the display screen the Romms, Teaching Staff, Subjects and Class groups start at the left - neater.

    Saving of View Span Settings for re-display next time
    Saves your 5, 6 or 7 day screen preference plus time start and finish for re-use next time.

    Change of Group Type numbers to a more meaningful text prompt
    Group types previously used numbers to indicate part time teaching staff etc, now wording is used for easier understanding. Select Edit, FastEntry on the main menu - or just click on one of the room, class, subject or teacher names at the left of the screen.

    Improvements to Timetable listings and prints.
    Small changes here - bit of bolding, 5,6,7 day options to fit more text detail on the page, improved "clash" printing.

    Support for startup from MS Filemanager / Explorer
    VCS now accepts a filename from MS explorer etc. The .VSS extension needs to be associated with the "javaw" program to automatically start VCS and load the file selected.

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