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Thanks for enquiring about our Visual Scheduling System specially designed for Colleges, Universities and Schools.

VSS has two key target groups.
1. Timetabling people - typically senior teaching staff or their administrative assistants.
2. Campus management - Educational planning, Finance management, Facilities management, Resource management, administration and payroll.

1. Timetabling People
The VCS250 was designed for timetabling speed and efficiency. We don't compromise on that. It is the fastest from start to noticeboard. No need to get it right first time, VCS makes fine tuning a snap. In the old 80 / 20 rule, VCS has removed the 80. Save 80% of your time and produce a far better result with VCS!

Timetabling is an exponentially complex and multi-dimensional problem when more than 5 staff, 5 rooms and 5 class groups are managed at a Campus. VCS timetabling is optimal in the 6 - 40 rooms range and up. Here it delivers superior value and time saving flexibility. It shines.
VCS does the hard work behind the scenes making it all seem very simple and easy to use.

Resources can be seen on screen at once and opportunities for additional class groups easily identified. Selecting, moving and swapping classes around to improve staff and student satisfaction and meet Campus goals is also ideal. Unnecessary clashes are eliminated. There is on-screen help, internet help, hints and tips and a step by step user manual and a sample timetable to try.

2. Resource management
The VCS1000 and VCS3000 resource management tools are unmatched. On screen statistics, totalling of teaching hours, room utilisation and occupancy, course and subject costing, Student hour costing, educational campus budgeting, clash resolution. Expect big $savings!

Features include merging and writeback of departmental timetables, import / export of details in spreadsheet form, access to your local masterfiles for room facilities, teaching staff, subjects and courses. Outputs include Timetables, Timetable Listings, Budget spreadsheets, Cost Summaries and Daily Summaries direct to LAN or local printer, file or HTML (Internet) format.

VSS Campus Management Services can help deliver significant savings in the first semester!

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