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The Visual Scheduling System story commenced in 1991 with the first release in January 1994.

Practical expertise in manufacturing scheduling and computerised Airline scheduling was initially focussed on the educational demands of hundreds of large and small teaching sections at Sydney Institute of Technology - an institution with 50,000 students over 7 campuses with 1000 classrooms and 3000 teaching staff.

Later versions added market variations for schools, universites, US Colleges and interstate teaching awards.

The Visual project required 100s of hours of conceptual design and challenges were met and overcome in 10 "impossible" situations. Previous timetabling systems were not built to help timetablers. They were built to record and print timetables constructed by hand.
This system had to reduce time and effort by a factor of 10, and produce a better result for timetablers, students and campus management.

We think we succeeded - we didn't stop till we did!

The system was written in the C/C++ programming language and resulted in 15,000 lines of code in the 7 early releases. Feedback on each release meant continuous improvement and new features were added to meet new demands. We welcome your support.

Sales in Se-Asia, USA, Canada and Puerto Rica added local market driven features and naming conventions. Further sales in other languages will prompt language support for as many languages as needed.

At the turn of the century, a major refinement was needed to promote connectivity with the Internet and meet the demands of large Campuses and Institutions. Teaching staff and timetablers were demanding new features.

In early 2000 a decision was taken to rewrite in the language of the Internet - Java, with full object oriented design to provide flexibility and a feature rich architecture. Two years and 35,000 lines of code later, VCS was ready to meet the challeges of the next millenium.

Your Visual system has many years ahead of it and you are welcome to upgrade with us or stay with the current version. To be sure we will not be standing still and hope to meet wider challenges from around the world and incorporate ideas from all manner of opportunities.....


Try VSS - You'll love it!!

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